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A series of lectures and workshops aimed at initiating a critical debate on participation in culture via meetings with experienced practitioners from abroad. It was an opportunity to reflect on the ways of practising democracy in culture on the example of community arts, public art, multi-generational projects, research in action and engaged city studies. Each two-day session consisted of an open lecture and workshop.

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The core objective of the “Residency. Developing a model of arts residency applied to civic engagement” project was developing a model of an art residency, grounded in a local community, that via the engagement of the community in activities addressing issues relevant to the local community would increase civic involvement and a sense of having an impact. The project consisted in holding three art residencies in three different countries thus enabling collaboration of artists, culture animators, local activists, local communities and institutions.  

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“LOCALISE. Study tour as a model for research, education and practice in vocational training in culture animation and working with local communities” was a two-year-long programme realised with foreign partners from Lithuania and Great Britain. The objective of the project was to develop a module of training based on the idea of a study tour as a means of learning about the operation of diverse national, cultural and institutional contexts.  

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Theatre in Public Space Festival

An international festival “Theatre in Public Space” organised by the Chair of Culture Association and the Culture Animation specialisation as part of the DNA – Development of New Art project. 

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The “Education and Re-Education through Practice in the field of culture animation – ANIMATOR” was aimed at facilitating the exchange of skills, experiences and knowledge between culture animation students, graduates and practitioners. Its objective was bridging university education with independent work and theory and practice.  

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