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In 2019 the specialization was transformed into a master’s degree program with a practical profile – Social Arts.


The program of the specialization offered workshops preparing students to work with people using various media and tools. Some examples of the workshops that were offered are given below:


Local maps of culture

Workshop leader: Zofia Dworakowska

During the classes, students develop culture diagnoses for selected local communities and design their own animation activities based on the knowledge gained in the course of the research process.


Voices and sounds

Workshop leader: Agata Harz

The workshop is dedicated to learning the technique of traditional singing during which the participants not only work with their own voices but also learn the repertoire of traditional songs and prepare a public performance together.


Reading images

Workshop leader: Urszula Kochanowska

The classes are designed to be a form of exercises in seeing. During the classes, students analyse the history of art from the perspective of the art of painting. They learn the basics of composition and colour theory, they try their hand at different painting techniques and eventually plan and execute an exhibition displaying their own works created as part of the workshop.


Institutions of culture

Workshop leader: Joanna Kubicka

The workshop participants visit selected institutions of culture to critically assess their mission, strategy and communication with the audience and, above all, discover the diversity of formal and informal frameworks for culture-related activities.


Expanding the framework

Workshop leader: Maria Parczewska

The classes are dedicated to the act of creation as the core predisposition of every human. During the workshops, students design activities envisaging subjective and active participation of the audience in contemporary art, both within an institutional structure and public space.


Kino-oko. Introduction to documentary film

Workshop leader: Jakub Piątek

The objective of the classes is to acquaint students with the basics of the documentary film genre. Each participant takes an active part in the creation of a cinematic work – from designing the concept, through the cinematography to the editing.


Photography in action

Workshop leader: Agnieszka Rayss

The classes are aimed at teaching students the basics of documentary photography. During the workshop, each participant carries out an original photographic project and collaborates with others on planning and staging an exhibition presenting the work performed by the group.