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The “Education and Re-Education through Practice in the field of culture animation – ANIMATOR” was aimed at facilitating the exchange of skills, experiences and knowledge between culture animation students, graduates and practitioners. Its objective was bridging university education with independent work and theory and practice.



As part of the project new tools for training and practice in the field of culture animation were developed, including:

  • Culture animation programme for culture practitioners and teachers as culture practitioners;
  • A model of an incubator enabling young animators to enter the field of animation practice in a safe and independent way;
  • Map of cultural institutions/initiatives – presentation of the most interesting initiatives in culture animation training and practice, especially in the context of traditional culture institutions (e.g. local theatres or culture centre networks);
  • Culture Initiatives Fair – an event closing the project envisaged as a platform for the presentation of initiatives and an exchange of ideas, experience and a job fair.

The project was a continuation of the earlier activities of the Institute carried out as part of the projects: ANIMA – A project of culture animation training and ANIMUS – International network of institutions offering theoretical and practical training in the field of culture animation.


Time: 2006-2008

Venue: Warsaw (Poland), Stoke-on-Trent (Great Britain), Prague (Czech Republic), Kaunas (Lithuania).

Project partners: Spolek Richelieu (Association of DAMU Students, Graduates and Frirned (Prague, Czech Republic), Institute of Art, Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania) Laundry (Wolverhampton, Great Britain), Chair of Culture Association (Warsaw, Poland).

Financed from the European Commission Leonardo da Vinci Programme.