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In 2019 the specialization was transformed into a master’s degree program with a practical profile – Social Arts.


The specialisation was open to graduates of first-cycle studies of all university programmes. Each student completed his or her individual set of courses as per their choice, interests and future career plans. The student selected as many workshops and internships in each semester as needed to fulfil the minimum requirements for the number of study hours set out in the curriculum.


The programme offered full-time, day-time studies only.

No tuition was charged for the specialisation.


Minimum Program Requirements


Duration of studies: 4 semesters

Workshops: 330 hours

Internships: 40 days 


All recommended internships held in Poland and abroad were co-financed or fully financed by the specialisation.


The defence of the diploma project constituted the grounds for completion of the Culture Animation specialisation. To be admitted to the defence examination, the student must design an individual, original project of a culture-animation activity or action.