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The program of the specialisation (1997-2019) consisted of two types of practical classes, namely workshops and internships. Each student completed his or her individual set of courses as per their choice, interests and future career plans.

In 2019 the specialization was transformed into a master’s degree program with a practical profile – Social Arts.

During the workshops run by experienced artists and culture animators students learned how to use different tools and methodologies in practice:


  • Active research: local maps of culture, creative consultations, performative ethnography
  • Media: social photography, participatory video, applied drama, performance arts, physical theatre, traditional singing, field recordings;
  • Open art institutions: participatory museum, theatre pedagogy, audience development
  • Culture management: project planning, resources of financing, evaluation

The internships were held at a few dozen culture institutions and NGOs in Poland and abroad.


As part of the internships, students could get hands-on experience in working at institutions such as:  U-jazdowski Centre for Contemporary Art, GPAS Praga Group of Street Workers and Social Animation, Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, Royal Łazienki Park Museum, Association of Culture Practitioners, Węgajty Theatre, Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”, Odin Teatret – Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.