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The core objective of the “Residency. Developing a model of arts residency applied to civic engagement” project was developing a model of an art residency, grounded in a local community, that via the engagement of the community in activities addressing issues relevant to the local community would increase civic involvement and a sense of having an impact. The project consisted in holding three art residencies in three different countries thus enabling collaboration of artists, culture animators, local activists, local communities and institutions.


The project also included study trips aimed at exchanging experience in the three partner countries. The effect of these activities was the development of a toolkit available in three languages which provided practical guidelines on how to arrange an art residency in a local community.


The art residency coordinated by the Culture Animation Specialisation was executed on an internal yard of a residential building at Gibalskiego street in Młynów, part of the Wola district, in collaboration with the local Młyn na Woli Partnership. The result of the activities run by artist Nina Scholz of the Plattformer collective with the support of Agnieszka Dragon and project curator Zofia Dworakowska was an event organised together with the residents, namely Yard Party which initiated meetings in the common area for all neighbours, i.e. the yard. These meetings are continued until today as part of a collaboration of the local community, local institutions and the Młyn na Woli Partnership.


Event at Gibalskiego Street, Warsaw (2015):


Study trip in Stoke-on Trent (2014):

Study trip in Barcelona (2015):


Time: 2013-2015

Venue: Warsaw (Poland), Barcelona (Spain), Stoke-on-Trent (Great Britain)

Partners: Staffordshire University (Great Britain), Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)

Financed from the European Commission Leonardo da Vinci Programme.