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Theatre in Public Space Festival

An international festival “Theatre in Public Space” organised by the Chair of Culture Association and the Culture Animation specialisation as part of the DNA – Development of New Art project. 


The festival was planned as a theatrical lab for activities held in urban space. Of equal importance in the project were the two aspects of this space, namely the social aspect related to diverse “communities” found there i.e. residents, pedestrians, users, etc. and the material aspect connected with the landscape, architecture and urban planning, etc.

Akademia Ruchu
Public Movement

During the festival held at a tenement house in Warsaw, at Lubelska 30/32 street and its vicinities the following events were held: workshops by Akademia Ruchu Theatre, Public Movement (Israel), Marta Ladjanszka (Hungary), Poste Restante (Sweden) and workshops on interpretation run by dr Joanna Ostrowska and management workshops run by Agnieszka Wlazeł and Agata Etmanowicz.

Marta Ladjanski


The festival programme also included the following presentations and discussions around the issue of the relationship between the theatre and public space:



– Dorota Sajewska on the non-theatrical space of the Dramatyczny Theatre in Warsaw;

– Public Movement (Israel) on its activities





– Agata Chałupnik on the Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica;

– Wojciech Krukowski on the Akademia Ruchu theatre





Leszek Kolankiewicz on the Gardzienice Expeditions;

Poste Restante (Szwecja) on its activities





Mateusz Kanabrodzki on the Węgajty Theatre;

Marta Ladjanszka (Hungary) on the activities of L1DanceLab in Budapest





Łukasz Drewniak on the Teren Warszawa project;

Mirosław Pęczak on the Orange Alternative movement




Festival’s live


Time: 23-29 May 2010

Venue: Warsaw

Partners: Cathedral of Culture Association, DNA – Development of New Art, Komuna/Warszawa, Studium teatralne