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Karolina Wróbel-Bardzik

Karolina Wróbel-Bardzik absolwentka Animacji Kultury IKP UWCulture Animation allowed me to establish my own workshop. The possibility of meeting with culture practitioners and learning through acting was something that cannot be overestimated. One of the most significant experiences was the participation in the Creative Education Laboratory at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art which determined my perception of education. I relate to the knowledge acquired during the specialization in the different activities I am involved in today. It is essential for me to apply the anthropological understanding of culture in practice. I try to pass these values on to the various groups I work with.


Culture expert, educator, researcher, PhD student at the Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw. She collaborates with Warsaw-based NGOs on educational projects and knowledge popularizing projects. She used to work at the Civic Education Centre, was involved in educational activities e.g. Amnesty International, Stopklatka Drama Practitioners’ Association.


Currently at „Pracownia Etnograficzna” Association she runs workshops for children and youth aimed at disseminating knowledge, anthropological tools and devoted to memory, local heritage, urban studies and cultural diversity.