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Ewa Majdecka

Ewa Majdecka absolwentka Animacji Kultury Instytutu Kultury Polskiej Uniwersytetu WarszawskiegoI got hands-on experience in culture animation. I was constantly transgressing my own, then existing, borders of reception and co-creating culture e.g. during workshops by Maja Parczewska or Different Theatre School at Węgajty Theatre. In my own work I often related to what I had experienced myself during the classes I attended at the specialization.

Social researcher, culture animator, expert on openness in culture and science. Worked at the Centrum Cyfrowym, where she was one of the authors of the Opening Culture Section and the Open Monuments site. As a researcher she collaborates with the Copernicus Science Centre or the Archive of Spoken History at the Dom Spotkań z Historią and the Ośrodek KARTA Foundation. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation at the Applied Social Sciences Institute at the University of Warsaw on the social creation of space in the Warsaw Old Town following its post-war reconstruction.


She supports culture institutions in their path to openness onto their audiences. In line with the  mission of the Opening Culture Section she connects people with the resources of heritage via being a liaison between institutions and the world of the Internet and technologies. She diagnoses the needs of audiences, co-authors digital solutions that are aimed at engaging the audiences in discovering digitalized resources of culture, teaches and advises culture institutions (more at https://otwartakultura.org/portfolio/). Apart from working at the Centrum Cyfrowe, she conducts research supporting the social good.