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Małgorzata Litwinowicz-Droździel

Małgorzata Litwinowicz-Droździel absolwentka Animacji Kultury IKP UWI graduated a really long time ago. My time since then has been filled with: artistic projects focused on storytelling, activity in the third sector, being an academic teacher, research, writing and reading and my three children. Perhaps I have forgotten a lot from the time of my studies because of the intensity of my life and new experience but I still remember clearly that the meetings with the artists and instructors at the Culture Animation specialization at the then Polish Philology Department was very satisfying. In different ways: it satisfied the promise of the humanities as a rich and meaningful space, the satisfaction of the possibility of transgressing the border between acting and thinking, satisfying the promise of authentic relationships between people and being with people.


Storyteller, historian of culture. Her research interests include traditional stories but above all, telling literature. Searching for the oral element and the joy of shared wandering through history. She is the co-founder of the Studnia O Storytellers’ Association (1997) and a curator of the programme of the International Storytelling Festival in Warsaw (since 2006). Also works at the Institute of Polish Culture where she deals with the history of 19th century culture. The ability of selecting stories and creating a multi-plot research story around is considered by her as a crucial aspect of research work.

Also runs storytelling workshops and gives talks on the art if storytelling. More at: www.opowiadam.org