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Katarzyna Dołęgowska-Urlich

Katarzyna Dołęgowska-Urlich absolwentka Animacji Kultury Instytutu Kultury Polskiej Uniwersytetu WarszawskiegoI have the strongest memories of two trips. The first, inaugurating the specialization, if I remember correctly, to Sejny in 1991. What I remember most from the trip is that at this end of the world, in the grim November so much was going on. That you can create so much from nothing, from ruins, from memory and dreams. The other significant trip was to Denmark. And not, it was not Odin Theatre that made the greatest impression on me there, but some other centre that was nameless to me at the time. Now I would probably be able to give is a name – a social activity centre. We only stopped there for a short while. I saw happy people who were playing chess, working in wood, drinking tea and eating apple pie together. Just like that, without any reason other than wanting to spent time together.


Has worked at Sto Pociech Foundation for 13 years. She is one of the founders of the centre and manages it since the beginning.


Apart from performing specifically managerial duties she works with the parents of young children, runs psychoeducational classes, support and development groups. Trains and supervises young professional, among others, as part of the School of running support groups for parents, training workshops I gave birth to life.