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Local Partnerships – Młynów, Muranów, Wierzbno

The Culture Animation specialisation is involved in the activities of Local Partnerships animated in the territory of Warsaw by Service Centre for the Social Initiatives Movement (BORIS). 


“Local Partnerships are partnerships established by and between public institutions, non-governmental organisations, companies and other partners with the aim of facilitating the development of their territorial community – gmina or poviate. There are voluntary partnerships open to everyone who wishes to fulfil selected goals in cooperation with others. The strength of the Partnerships lies in the feeling of confidence, self-worth and mutual respect, shared experiences, friendship and a concern for the opportunities to learn and grow together with others. In the course of identifying the local problems and designing the remedy projects a new quality of relations between people and institutions operating in the same territory emerge. This way, the resource of social capital is created which is of crucial importance to social development”.

More about the project: http://partnerskiemazowsze.boris.org.pl/

The specialisation cooperates on a regular basis with the ”Młyn na Woli” Partnership with which it carried out a three-month community arts residency community arts with the participation of a British collective Plattformer, consultations on a new meeting point for the neighbours at Gibalskiego street and it co-organised Christmas Parties for Neighbours and Yard Party (Podwórkówka) events.



The specialisation is one of the founders of the “Przepis na Muranów” Partnership as part of which it co-organised local festivals, workshops for residents, a network for the promotion of collaboration of organisations and institutions operating in the Muranów district.


In collaboration with the  “Moje Wierzbno” Partnership, the specialisation organised one of the Field Workshops (2016), as part of which over six months students met with local organisations and residents with the aim of holding an action in public space entitled “Malczak – The Bazaar of Memories” and an exhibition documenting the memories of the residents.


More about the project: https://www.polskieradio.pl/80/998/Artykul/1640446,Mokotowski-targ-wspomnien-reportaz-Olgi-Mickiewicz


Time: 2015 – present

Venue: Warsaw

Collaboration: Service Centre for the Social Initiatives Movement (BORIS)