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Michał Moniuszko

Michał Moniuszko absolwent Animacji Kultury Instytutu Kultury Polskiej Uniwersytetu WarszawskiegoWhat I found most important from the time of my studies was the craft of research work (at the MA seminar of Zbigniew Osiński and others), the spontaneity and an exceptional, certainly above average quality of the classes and lectures by professor Andrzeja Mencwel, professor Leszek Kolankiewicz, professor Grzegorz Godlewski and others, as well as the internship at the Odin Teatret – active participation within the artistic group.

Culture practitioner, works at the Borderlands of Arts, Cultures and Nations Centre and the Borderlands Foundation – Sejny/Krasnogruda. He is active in the local community of a small town and village in the Suwałki region. He creates an environment around artistic activities focused on the multi-cultural traditions of the venue.


Projects: Sejny Theatre, Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theatre, Sejny Jazz Cooperative, Musicians’ Raft between New York and Sejny, The Music of the Place, The Sejny Treasury.