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Marzena Michałek-Dąbrowska

Marzena Michałek-Dąbrowska absolwentka Animacji Kultury Instytutu Kultury Polskiej Uniwersytetu WarszawskiegoThe specialization opened up opportunities of trying out different area some of which I pursued as a career while others became a hobby that sometimes also become work over time. Owing to the specialization I met exceptional people whom I kept on meeting later in my professional life. Another thing I acquired during the Culture Animation specialization was something I call openness and innovativeness (I suppose this was not the word we would use at the time) as regards the execution of artistic activities and lifestyle. Also (and this is not a contradiction) a realistic vision of evaluating projects and my own capacity to handle them.

Project Coordinator at Sputnik Photos and employee of the Royal Łazienki Park Museum in Warsaw, animator within the network of the Flying Animators at the Association of Creative Initiatives ę.


Coordinates domestic and international photographic projects – exhibitions, publications, workshops. Also writes grant applications in the field of photography, handles their financial settlement and reports. The projects she was involved in include Lost Territories, Is(not).