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Karolina Pluta

Karolina Pluta absolwentka Animacji Kultury Instytutu Kultury Polskiej Uniwerystetu WarszawskiegoEverything that matters in my professional work began was conceived at the Designing Creative Situations workshop by Maja Parczewska and Janusz Byszewski. The encounter with them made me realise that I can offer the world a lot using art tools and that art is not only something you watch or look at. I was not a diligent student and skipped too many classes. To get a credit I had to do the final project on my own. This allowed me to have additional meetings with Majka and Janusz in their workshop at the Ujazdowski Castle. I would come to see them to consult my project, to present my ideas and share my doubts and these two wonderful artists and teachers invited me into their world, carefully listening to what I had to say.


Theatre pedagogue – member of the Board of the Theatre Pedagogues Association. Culture animator and trainer collaborating on a regular basis with culture institutions and NGOs, including Theatre Institute, School of Leaders, Krytyka Polityczna.


She authors social programmes, development programmes and creative programmes for youth (e.g. Scenarios for the future – With the young, about working at school. Theatre workshops), adults, inter-generational groups and culture institutions. Also works as a tutor, supporting the development of teachers, librarians, pedagogues. Together with the Social and Theatre Laboratory she creates plays and performative actions.