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Julia Biczysko

Julia Biczysko absolwentka Animacji Kultury Instytutu Kultury Polskiej Uniwersytetu WarszawskiegoOne of the most important experiences from my studies were the field study tours to Ostałówek as part of the “Ethnography fieldwork” run by Tomasz Rakowski. They marked the beginning of a long history of exchange, reciprocity and collaboration with the inhabitants of Ostałówek – my returns to the site, project activities and the search for methods originating from research and morphing towards activity and creative co-existence. This was where I met the team from the Institute of Polish Culture with whom I now work, develop “enthoanimation” activities and with whom I have been friends for over a decade.

Culture animator, occasionally – theatre educator, street worker, tutor.


She runs projects in, among others:

– In eastern Mazowsze region where she worked with traditional singers and archived traditional music as part of the „Death Songs” project with the Culture Cathedral Association;

– As part of the “Julianna Płaczysko” duo with Ann Płachecka she runs artistic activities with local communities e.g. during the Artist In Residence Street Art Festival; earlier she run, among others, a neighbourhood project entitled “Neighbourhood In(ter)ventions” for which in 2014 they won “S3KTOR” awards in a competition of Warsaw-based NGOs in the Grand Prix and Local Community categories and an award from the ngo.pl portal;

– At the Field Collective running ethnoanimation project;

„Seniors in Action” of the Association of Creative Initiatives „ę”.