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Joanna Mikulska

Joanna Mikulska absolwentka Animacji Kultury Instytutu Kultury Polskiej Uniwersytetu WarszawskiegoThe most important experiences during my studies include: distributing posters for the Festival of Contemporary Dance at the Centre for Contemporary Art.; proofreading of a Maths textbook during an internship at the Pruszyński i S-ka publishing house; discussion with Urszula Kochanowska during an exam at the National Museum under Józef Mehoffer’s painting “Strange Garden”, going beyond a paper frame during the “Designing creative situations” classes ran by Maria Parczewska and Janusz Byszewski and working on the graduation project together with my friends: a creative writing workshop. Owing to all these practical classes I realised what I did not want to repeat and what gives me the most joy. All of the above keep resonating in my professional life today.

Culture animator and reporter. Collaborates with the Creative Initiatives ę and the Instytut Reportażu. Co-runs the Towarzystwo Krajoznawcze Krajobraz sightseeing association.
Runs training for culture managers and instructors on cooperating with local communities and she supports the development of social and cultural projects. Is a tutor in the Innovations Generator. Support Networks programme.


Particularly interested in projects related to local history. Author of a many-year artistic and historical projects, such as The Roots of Siekierki executed at the Dorożkarnia Culture Centre in the Mokotów district in Warsaw. Collaborates as a journalist with Gazeta Wyborcza and Magazyn Miasta.