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Ewa Żurakowska

Ewa Żurakowska absolwentka Animacji Kultury Instytutu Kultury Polskiej Uniwersytetu WarszawskiegoThe most memorable event was the trip to Odin Teatret. After graduation, I instantly ended up in a theatre company in the Czech Republic with a similar structure.










Graduate of the Institute of Polish Culture, she obtained her PhD degree at the DAMU in Prague for a dissertation on anthropological theatre inspired by traditional song. Her first independent project was a trip to Bulgaria “in search of traditional songs”: http://vimeo.com/44659612, https://vimeo.com/45307005.


Involved with the Prague theatre milieu via original site specific projects: Woman Skin Song and Bone at the Akropolis Theatre (2013), Partytura na garnki. Kobieta w pejzażu górniczym [Part for pans. A woman in the mining landscape] realised in the former coal mine Czechy (2013), Węglowa Odyseja [Coal Odyssey] (2015) made on a coal barge. She develops projects enlivening the local culture in the Polish and Czech borderlands.


Singer in the world music band Korjen. Runs music workshops – e.g. during the Mountains of Literature Festival of Olga Tokarczuk. She works at the Wrocław Opera on projects connected with audience development. Collaborates with the Pałac Gorzanów Foundation, where she develops project consisting in revitalization through art: Palimpsesty Przetrzeni. Rekonstrukcja [Palimpsests of Space. Reconstruction] (2017), Kolacja z Holteiem ONE [Dinner with Holtei ONE] (2018). Also works as an actress in e.g. Requiem Hanocha Levina, dir. M. Gorczyński (Barakah Theatre, Kraków).