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Agata Pietrzyk-Sławińska

Agata Pietrzyk-Sławińska absolwentka Animacji Kultury Instytutu Kultury Polskiej Uniwersytetu WarszawskiegoCulture Animation was like taking a step further than studying culture sciences – it offered me an opportunity to put knowledge into practice. Of key importance to me were the workshops with Maja Parczewska, Janusz Byszewski, Tomasz Rakowski, Urszula Kochanowska, Justyna Sobczyk, Borderlands Centre and Węgajty Theatre. Today, while working with people I try to cherish and preserve what I was gifted with back then, namely openness, mindfulness and faith in human potential. 

Works at the Royal Łazienki Park where at the Museum Education Centre she coordinates the volunteer programme and runs culture and social projects. Member of the Cathedral of Culture Association and the Kolektyw Terenowy. Collaborates with various organisations, including the Association of Creative Initiatives ę and the Theatre Pedagogues Association. Graduate of the School of Training and Psychological Work at the INTRA Centre.
The projects she runs are often multidisciplinary:

– „Frame” blends ethnography and culture animation

– „Visual Museum Experiment” combining museum education and visual education

– „Museum Meets” combining culture animation with volunteer work

– „Between Objects” series which is a combination of a psychosocial skills training, art therapy session and classes in the history of culture and art.

Also works as a tutor supporting social and culture projects in different regions of Poland.

You can learn more about the ideas behind her work in an interview with Hubert Michalak.